(Sold edition 1/3)

(Sol edition 1/5)

(Sold edition 1/7,2/7,3/7)

(Sold edition 1/3)

"Selatan-Utara", woodcut on color cotton,  image size 75x240cm, edition 3, 2009.

"Beauty Morning II", drypoint on fancy paper, 2009.

'SOMODARAN', woodcut on canvas, panel size 90x70cmx3 panels, edition 2, 2006 (Sold all edition).

'22.10 WIB' woodcut on canvas, panel size 145x120, edition 3, 2007 (Sold edition 3/3)

                                                       (Sold work right side photo)

(Sold edition 1/5, 3/5)
31-5_10-7, 46x66 x 4panel, woodcut on canvas, edition 2, 2007.

'7 Prints 4 My Pa', 60x40cm x 7 works, woodcut on paper, edition 3, 2008

'child n reality', woodcut on canvas, image size 247x147cm, edition 3, 2010 (Sold edition 2/3)

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  1. Hello there Syahrizal
    I saw your page on print

    Wow you make a lot of work and you use the Moku Hanga technique which I very much admire. There are also some very interesting writing on here about printmaking and art within Indonesia. I also have a blogspot website.
    May I suggest that you enable the FOLLOW BY EMAIL" gadget which is an option as in 'add a gadget' inside the layout area on your dashboard.

    Then I can sign up to follow by email any new additional images writing etc here on your blog. When you have done this please let me know by emailing me. Please mention the address of this blog so I know where to go to sign up. Very best wishes and be sure to announce that you have set this up on your page on the Printmakers Universe

    Aine Scannell